DASH will be a Vendor at Skirmish, USA’s Invasion of Normandy 2012 Big Game Event on July 13,14,15

This year, we are proud to announce that we will be attending the Invasion of Normandy event at Skirmish, USA in Albrightsville, PA on July 13, 14 &15. Usually, we attend ION as players. I have been to 9 IONs and 16 games at Skirmish, including big games and tournaments. The field is unparalleled. It has 700+ acres of paintball heaven including dozens (like 40ish) individual playing fields.

ION is one of the most amazing games to attend. It is flat out unreal. The beach assault is vicious, the tanks and Battleship NJ are sweet, and the game is very well run. Add a little historical accuracy and ~5000 players, and you have one serious scenario game.

We will be bringing our collection of used and vintage paintball markers, including a vast array of autocockers, automags, and many many pump markers. We will also have pump accessories to make the markers tick, like those hard to find 1 inch elbows, 50 round hoppers, 12g holders and harnesses, etc. We are also always ready to tech your mechanical and pump markers. Any 16 year old can drop a board into your marker, but not everybody out there can perfectly time your autococker.

If you need any particular items for the event, please let us know ahead of time. If you have any questions about attending ION, please stop by the shop, we can walk you through everything you need to know so you can have a good time playing paintball.


It should also be noted that the store will be closed during the dates of the event.