Hard Core Paintball League

The new Hard Core Paintball League is sure to be a premiere woodsball league even in its first year. It is an extension of the Woodsball World Cup, the first ever 10 man woodsball tournament and first Paintball world cup, so you know it is run by individuals with decades of experience in putting on the best, most efficient tournaments. Start building your squad today so you can get in some practice time before next season.

Become a Facebook friend here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hard-Core-Paintball-LeagueHCPL/219917968059034.

Skirmish USA Fall 5 man Woodsball Tournament November 6th, 2011

On November 6th, Skirmish USA is hosting their Fall 5-Man Woodsball Tournament. The tournament will be 2 flag (one for each base/hq) with 12 minute games. $99 a team entry with First Place Prize of $1000 in Cash or Silver Bullion. There are plaques and stuff for the first and second losers I’m sure.

The regular Skirmish rate of $74.00 per case of paint does apply, however :(

Now, paint cost and quality (6/10 at best) considered, I think I am well within my rights to say that Skirmish is one of the best, if not THE BEST, paintball fields in the country. I haven’t played at them all, but I have played at dozens of different fields along the east coast. Skirmish si the biggest, with the least brush, the most bunkers, the biggest and sturdiest structures. It is constantly worked on, constantly expanding, and it sits on 750 acres so they have tons of space.

Check out their website for information and registration at skirmish.com

Paintball Sports Inc. and Valken Present NIGHT OPS Scenario Paintball Tournament on

Night Ops is a new tournament format that uses a closed and close quarter village field with industrial lighting, AT NIGHT!. The game are played with teams switching from attackers to defenders. The goal is to get the dummy out of the buildings. Defenders get 5 players, attackers get 10, for a 2 attackers to 1 defender ratio.

DASH and Spectre plan to put in a team. If you want information on putting together a squad, let us know, we can provide more information. Max roster size is 12 players.

The tournament will be held on Saturday November 12th, from 4 pm to 12:30 am.

New Promotions

Here at Danbury Action Sports, we like to promote paintball through affordability. Fall is the perfect season for paintball, and provides cool, clear days with amazing foliage for camoflage support.

For this reason, we are starting a few promotions to do just that, promote paintball.


1. ALL ORDERS OVER $100 receive free shipping.

2. Mail Order Mondays: Come in on Mondays and mail order some gear, and receive 5% off.

3. Great Paint- Buy any paintball marker, new or used, and receive 10% off paint.

4. Friendly Fridays- Come in on Fridays, get 3 rental packages get the 4th FREE.


Please note that you CAN combine the Mail Order Mondays 5% discount and Free Shipping for orders more than $100. If you have any questions please contact us by phone at 203-942-2308 or by e-mail at info@DanburyActionSports.com

Black Market War: Forgotten War scenario and Woodsball World Cup at Paintball Sports New York, September 17th and 18th, 2011

This weekend, Paintball Sports New York, old Survival NY, the field that started tournament paintball, will be holding a Black Market War Scenario and the Woodsball World Cup, simultaneously. Both the scenario, and the 10 man woodsball tournament, will run Saturday and Sunday. Danbury Action Sports will be present, and Spectre will be playing in the Black Market game. Join as at DASH Saturday at 7:00 am for carpooling or contact us for further details.

Valken V-Max Loader Now in Stock

Valken V-Max loaders will be in today. We will have a small amount in black, custom colors will be by order. We are matching Valken MAP pricing on these, at $120 for black and $130 for your choice of camo. As a special offer we will be picking up the cost of shipping to our store. Items arrive on the second business day after ordering, for your pick up.


Black V-Max


The V-Max offers 30+ balls per second feed rate, tool-less dis-assembly and a battery door so batteries can be changed without dis-assembly. All of this is packed into a super low profile body.

All the performance of a Dye Rotor at HALF THE COST!

Stop in to check one out today.