Specialty Consignment

Here at Danbury Action Sports Headquarters, we are members of many online specialty forums. On these forums are Buy/Sell/Trade sections where the forum members can conduct transactions. The buyers on these websites are usually self taught specialists on the forum subjects, and truely rare and unique items receive large amounts of very interested buyers. We were first introduced to this online trend through paintball. Paintball forums are very popular and highly specialized. Forums exist for pump markers, electros, professional gear, and even marker specific forums for autocockers, automags, spyders, tippmans……everything.

What we offer our customers is trading assistance for specialty forums. Besides the forums we already belong to, we will take any item you believe has substantial value, research it, find the forums, take the pictures, clean the item, post in the forums, negotiate with buyers, and finalize the transaction all the way through shipping. If your item does not sell, it will not have cost you any money up front. We are also supporting or premium members of some forums, giving us certain listing privileges.

Please contact us by phone or for further information or if you have any questions.


2 thoughts on “Specialty Consignment

  1. 3 Angel markers for sale. No luck on craigslist, and hate E-Bay. 1 IR3, 1 LCD, and 1 Speed 4(??). IR3 and LCD need batteries. willing to buy and install new batteries. Will speak to you in person further. Also many extra barrels (15 or so) for above markers. Everything from Dye to generic knock-offs.

    • markers:98 customs from tpaimpnn body armor-chest pads,mask bukners-make your own woodss out of wood and for speedball you can buy an used one from a field if selling or go to a sporting store. But gett a excellent set up.for cheaper rental use. go to a forum website and say im buying used 98 costums. Will buy for 5O dollars. My boss did that for his field he got about 20 more guns. GOOD LUCk.

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