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Walk Ons, Private Parties (Birthday, Bachelor, etc), Corporate Outings, Tournaments and Big Games. Visit www.YankeePaintball.com for details! or call 203-906-9622.

We serve the Danbury, Bethel, New Fairfield, Ridgefield, New Milford and the rest of the Fairfield County, Connecticut area.

We are Certified Dealers of Valken, Dye, Proto, Tippmann, RAP4, Dangerous Power, GI Milsim, NXe, and many others. We have additional acess to items from Empire, Battle Tested, Planet Eclipse, Bob Long, MacDev, Shocktech, JT, Pure Energy, Spyder, Azodin, and just about ANYTHING.

We carry paintball gear including paintball markers, paintballs, masks and soft goods. Our services include gun teching, cleaning and seal rebuilds, complete playing kit rentals, compressed air fills, compressed air tank rentals, and custom marker and gear configurations.


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  1. This store is everything a paintball player can have to Guns,Barrels,Loaders and Rotors to anything you can think of.My first gun from DASH was a Redz International Ion.This gun is the best gun i have ever had.MY first gun was a Proto rail which broke in less than 2 months.After the ion i am done with buying guns till it goes out of date.

  2. I was on a budget,and got this ophper . I am amazed at the performance! On speed setting 3 it easily keeps up with my etek 3 at 12.5 bps! I saw it being speed tested at 20bps on a G4. It also worked great on my buddies pmr. I dont see a need to upgrade. Fast,reliable,Great value. Well done Empire, best budget loader ever.Did you find this paintball product review helpful? Yes No8 / 8 found this review helpful.

  3. Is this place near A&P there used to be one called paintball plus i dont know what happened to that i heard this place is brand knew..

    • We are not Paintball Plus. Paintball Plus has been gone for some years now. We are a new store and are just down the road on Padanaram, across from the Indian Food Mart, and just before Mobil.

      • Pick up a case of Premium to test it out during a ekweend game of woodsball. Paint right out of the box was very consistently round, no big seams, and fairly brittle(which concerned me for woods play). It matched pretty well to a .687 bore on my stiffi. Flight path is very straight. As for the being too brittle for woods, it’s not. Twigs will break it, but it is hard enough(with the good/cosistant flight) to bust a hole through the foliage to get a clear hole to shoot through. Paint should be good for woodsball and rec play. Maybe even a cheaper option for tournament/tournament practice.Did you find this paintball product review helpful? Yes No4 / 5 found this review helpful.

  4. Hey i just want to say that i like how you guys at DASH are very easy to work with, you guys helped me out with my Minion and it runs like new and you didnt do any work without telling me first and you even gave me options as what i could do. Its so nice to have a store in the local area again! Thank you guys for all the good help!

    • Live chat could be good, please elaborate on what you think it should be used for?

      as for forums, we already have them, just nobody has used them yet.

      • For any good website you need a community. It will get bigger with a live chat trust me

  5. I agree with Michael…just wish the website was a little better to see what they can do and what they sell. Also, putting the phone number by the hours would be key to help people contact them.

    • Thanks for the input Jerad. We will post the number by the hours so it is easily visible when you go to the site. What extra features/information would you prefer on the website?

  6. Its good to see someone has taken the opportunity to open a paintball supply store in our immediate are of Danbury. With several fields within a descent driving area, I’m sure your doors will be constantly swinging. Also, thank you for supporting the working man by your well-thought out choice of hours. I am a seasoned veteran of the sport, and will be making many trips to your location. Screw the internet and E-Bay, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!!

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