Paintball Services

We can fix almost any problem you may have with your marker or install any part, whether bought from us or elsewhere. If we cannot fix it, we can send it where it needs to go. This includes but is not limited to the following models: WGP Autocockers and clones, Kingman Spyders and clones, Tippman model 98, A5 and X7, Planet Eclipse Ego 2005-2011 and Geo, Dye Matrix 2004-2011, Proto Matrix 2005-2008, Rail and SLG, Automag, Angel LED, LCD, IR3, Speed, A4 and A1 models, Smart Parts Impulse, Shocker and Ion….and just about every marker.

Basic Marker Servicing/Cleaning– $35 including labor complete soft seal rebuild

If your marker has a small leak, is dirty from chopping, dust or storage, or you simply want to make sure you have no issues coming up, our basic service is for you. it includes complete marker dis-assembly, cleaning of all hard parts and replacement of all soft seals.

Firing Issues– $30 per half hour of labor+cost of parts

If your marker has a firing issue that needs to be diagnosed, this is the service for you.

Part Installation– $30 per half hour

Any part, bought from us or elsewhere, needs to be installed and fine tuned. Since we offer our parts at or near MAP pricing, the price does not include installation. This allows our customers to buy the part from us, at near internet prices, and install it themselves. The cost is identical to firing issue labor, as it is our standard labor fee.

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