Paintball Essentials

Paintball is one of the worlds fastest growing sports. Danbury Action Sports Headquarters is happy to provide you with everything you need to keep you in the game.

There are 3 things that you absolutely need for the sport of paintball. The first is gear to play with, the second is paintballs to shoot, the third is an air source to power the marker. Since these are the most frequently purchased paintball supplies, it is our goal at Danbury Action Sports Headquarters to provide them at an affordable price, so you can pay less and play more. Please keep in mind that you must be 18+ years of age to purchase or rent paintball equipment. Anybody under the age of 18 must bring a parent.

Rental Packages

We currently rent Azodin Kaos and ATS paintball markers. Our Basic rental package includes everything you need to play except paint: the marker with barrel, gravity loader, barrel sock, 48ci 3000psi air tank (filled) and a paintball mask. From there, you can add some extras, such as a harness, motorized loader or additional air tank, to improve your battle preparedness. We also rent filled scuba tanks, which can be used to have extra compressed air on hand for parties. Markers are rented on a “Rental Week” basis. A Rental Week is Thursday through Tuesday. Equipment may be rented Thursday through Sunday, and must be returned by Tuesday night, so it can be cleaned by Wednesday and ready for the new Rental Week on Thursday. Please see our Rental Contract page to review the Rental Contract you will need to fill out and sign in-store.

Please note, our rental equipment is plentiful, however it is also limited. All rental gear is offered at a first come first serve basis. We do take reservations in advance. If you need 5 or more packages, please contact us ahead of time.

Cost: Basic package is $30 for the rental week. 2 pod harness is +$5. Motorized loader is +$10 (batteries included). Additional air tank is +$10 (filled). Scuba tank, with adapter, is $40 and comes filled.


We currently carry 2 types of paintballs, Premium and Recreational.

Cost: Premium is $60 per case of 2000 or $20 per bag of 500. Recreational Paint is $40-45 per case or $15 per bag of 500.

Premium Paint is currently:

Valken Redemption- green/black swirl shell with a green fill. Perfect woodsball paint that is hard to see in flight, with a bright green fill like Predator blood.

Valken Redemption

Premium Paint- Valken Redemption










Recreational Paint is currently:

Infinity FightCo – Orange shell with orange fill or yellow shell with yellow fill. This is a great paint for fine tuning or practice since it can be readily traced by the eye in flight. Also a great speedball practice paint as it is inexpensive to shoot a lot and has great bright orange marking potential. This Recreational Paint is $45 per case of 2000 or $15 for bag of 500.


Air Fills

We offer compressed air fills to 3000 psi. We do not fill co2. We offer compressed air tank rentals at the same rate as additions to rental packages.

Cost: $4 to fill any tank to 3000 psi. $10 to rent a tank, filled.


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