Rental Agreement



Lessor: Danbury Action Sports Headquarters

52A Padanaram Rd. Unit 2

Danbury, CT 06811









Drivers Lic. #:


The lessee herby agrees to the following terms in relation to the rental of paintball equipment from Danbury Action Sports Headquarters, the lessor:

1.     Lessee agrees to examine the equipment and to notify the lessor before use if there is any reason to doubt its serviceability or safety. The lessee warrants that he knows the risk of operating the equipment and undertakes to assume such risks.

2.     The lessee hereby waives all claims he/she may have or hereafter have against the lessor for any damages which he/she may suffer while the equipment is in his/her possession and undertakes and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the lessor against any claim of any other person which arises directly or indirectly in the course of the lessees possession of the equipment.

3.     The lessee agrees to assume all responsibility for the equipment while out of the possession of the lessor and promises to return to the lessor such equipment in as good condition as it was at the date of the lease, natural wear to be expected.

4.     The lessee shall be responsible for any loss, theft damage or destruction of the leased equipment and shall not loan, sublet or in any manner dispose of the said equipment.

a.     Exception is made for adult parents renting equipment for their minor child. Danbury Action Sports Headquarters condones such transactions only if an adult is present at all times when the equipment is used by a minor. Furthermore, said lessee parent assumes all responsibility as hereunder and as to the torts of their child in relation to the use of the rented equipment. Danbury Action Sports Headquarters makes available information for parents on safe paintball for minors, and it is the responsibility of interested parents to seek out such information.

5.     Lessee shall not commit or condone the following actions in relation with the rental gear:

a.     Travel in a motor vehicle with a completely assembled paintball marker.

b.     Disassemble the paintball gear beyond removal of the barrel, loader and tank.

c.     Fire a paintball marker in public areas, at public property, at private property without consent of the owner, or any area where individuals within a    200-feet area are without proper paintball eye protection.

6.     Scheduled rental rates begin when the equipment leaves the lessors’ possession and continues until returned.

7.     If equipment is found to be unusable within 1 business day of rental, lessee is to immediately report this to lessor, or no rental adjustment will be considered.

8.     The lessee agrees to pay full market value for the replacement of the equipment if the equipment is willfully damaged.

9.     In the event the lessor must resort to litigation to be reimbursed for damage caused to said equipment, lessee agrees to pay all attorneys fees, court costs or other expenses as between a solicitor and his client, which become necessary to compensate lessor of his repairing or having the equipment repaired or replaced.


The following equipment will be rented:


o Basic Package            ($30)

  • Includes marker, barrel with sock, gravity loader, mask/goggles and 1 air tank.

o Mask ($10)

o Compressed Air Tank ($10)

o Harness ($5)

o Motorized Loader ($10)


The Total Charge Shall Be: $___________________


Date Rented:


To Be Returned By:



Signature of Lessee: __________________________________________

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